Friday, July 31, 2009

Everybody has those days...

You know, the days where you just don't feel like yourself - the days when no matter what you do it seems as if you can't be in a better mood.
Today was that day.
I woke up around 11 and it was raining which made me not want to get up, then I had to look over some stuff for my student loans, I owe more money than I can possibly come up with in 2 weeks (especially since I'll be on vacation) and for some reason have a late fee for a bill I didn't know about... after dealing with this for about an hour and during my drive to work, I walked in the door at 2 wiping tears from my eyes... Stress makes me cry, I can't help it.
I go to work and notice I'm on register 10, the register I hate most in the ENTIRE effing store. It's 20 items or less, but people don't care... I had a lady complain to me throughout her entire 30 item order that I didn't have a bagger, after trying to explain that I was an express register and she didn't understand I caved and said - oh well, today is Friday and on Fridays only the odd number registers have baggers - she then told me what a stupid rule that was and watched me finish bagging and putting the entire order in her cart, telling me I was doing it wrong.. To top the day on that register off, I had a headache... not like a normal one you can ignore, one of those ones that just will not go away.
But I did get to work with Stacie and my 2 favorite guys so that made me smile :)

But my mother just called me and was angry I forgot her anniversary... Sorry that I was stressed out and have more important things to deal with, yeah it does suck that I forgot.. but you don't call someone to tell them they forgot... ugh whatever, I'm over it - I shall go back to texting my gay guy, he makes me feel better - he told me I was pretty (: