Monday, March 8, 2010

I keep thinking..

I keep thinking that I can just get out of bed and walk on two legs...

well, that's not the case and it seems as if I may have to deal with this for a while longer. I'm the only one in my house trying to stay positive about my injury, but everytime I go to talk about it my dad and step mother shoot me down trying to tell me there is no way that i've healed this fast and I still won't be able to drive for some time.
I need to be able to drive again. I'm going to go crazy.

It's bad enough that breaking my leg has caused me to lose friends... or people who I had previously considered to be friends. Now it seems as though I was only one more person in the group to hang out with when it was convenient for everyone.

I'm not trying to be bitter. But a little positivity can go a long way when you've been injured for over a month.
I need someone to vent to... if you have my aim/skype/msn message me por favor.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning to be honest with myself.

I just finished reading the book Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. For the second time.
I don't know how long it's been since the last time I read it, but this time it really home for some reason. Not the exact scenarios the characters dealt with, but the way in which the main character Annabelle dealt with her feelings.
She kept them inside. Always substituting place holders and short phrases like "I'm ok" with the truth. I've come to realize that I do this more than I would like to admit. It's hard. I honestly have a hard time believing that I have one person that I can go to and tell anything, I do not think that at this very moment in my life I have that kind of support. I would love to have someone like that, but the reality of the matter is that right now I just need to be honest with myself and be my own support system.
I guess the one thing I want right now is just someone to run to.
Is that too much to ask for?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh Hai :)

Yes, hi now has an a... Why? No idea.

Today was pretty good/uneventful... hung around all morning, ate.. showered lol the usual
Then I worked from 5-11, it was alright - but can I just say I have some of the BEST co-workers ever. Like, honestly... I love them more and more everyday :)

That's it. :)


Friday, July 31, 2009

Everybody has those days...

You know, the days where you just don't feel like yourself - the days when no matter what you do it seems as if you can't be in a better mood.
Today was that day.
I woke up around 11 and it was raining which made me not want to get up, then I had to look over some stuff for my student loans, I owe more money than I can possibly come up with in 2 weeks (especially since I'll be on vacation) and for some reason have a late fee for a bill I didn't know about... after dealing with this for about an hour and during my drive to work, I walked in the door at 2 wiping tears from my eyes... Stress makes me cry, I can't help it.
I go to work and notice I'm on register 10, the register I hate most in the ENTIRE effing store. It's 20 items or less, but people don't care... I had a lady complain to me throughout her entire 30 item order that I didn't have a bagger, after trying to explain that I was an express register and she didn't understand I caved and said - oh well, today is Friday and on Fridays only the odd number registers have baggers - she then told me what a stupid rule that was and watched me finish bagging and putting the entire order in her cart, telling me I was doing it wrong.. To top the day on that register off, I had a headache... not like a normal one you can ignore, one of those ones that just will not go away.
But I did get to work with Stacie and my 2 favorite guys so that made me smile :)

But my mother just called me and was angry I forgot her anniversary... Sorry that I was stressed out and have more important things to deal with, yeah it does suck that I forgot.. but you don't call someone to tell them they forgot... ugh whatever, I'm over it - I shall go back to texting my gay guy, he makes me feel better - he told me I was pretty (:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends <3

Today I had the day off, so I woke up showered and got OUT OF THE HOUSE, I really need to do it more - so much happens online that it takes me away from my real life and the more important things
There was a bit of a fight last night but I'm over it for the most part, and I'm pretty sure there's been an understanding about it and hopefully everyone now understands the feelings surrounding the situation we were presented with.
So, I got in my car and drove to my friend Stacie's house to pick her and her daughter up so we could start the day, as we're leaving I noticed my check engine light was on (my car is 3 months old so this kinda pissed me off). I stopped into a parking lot and attempted to pop the hood, not doing this before I had no idea how! I had to whip out the book that came with the car and find the section on opening the hood lol I also had no idea what to look for once it was open, so I shut it and called my step-brother, the car salesman. Drove to see him, apparently all it was is that my gas cap was not screwed on all the way or something.
Next we went shopping, I bought shorts for Florida, as well as a bunch of travel stuff so that I have what I need :)
Went out to eat, the waiter was HOT and his name was Seamus... kinda turned me off a little bit, not gonna lie lol

BUT that is pretty much my entire day, the most exciting thing that happened was that I don't know how to open the hood on my car, but I do now so 1 point Amanda, 0 points Clinton (Clinton is the name of my car)

Have a great night
Lots of Love :]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I've made a decision...

I'm going to attempt to start blogging everyday.

I have very little other ways to remember stupid little things that happen or what people happen to say. So we shall start with today.

Today I woke up and my legs were in soo much pain, but apparently less than last night because it didn't hurt me to walk up and down stairs (I have a sunburn on my legs, around the knee area.) Sometimes living in the basement is a bit of a pain, the only way to get anywhere is to use the stairs - and if anything were to happen I'd be stranded! But, that's life :)
I worked from 4-10 on self-checkout... so I basically stood and made sure nobody stole, and they didn't, very uneventful haha but after my break around 7:30 I got to help my friend/supervisor Ashley rearrange the gift cards on the racks they were on... because apparently there is supposed to be an order to them, and I don't think we sell many anyway because there was a TON of dust.
Not that you guys care or anything... I'm just throwing that out there :-P

BUT other than that nothing too exciting happened today, after work I talked to my mom on the phone, I watched Bobby on BlogTV (I kinda missed him and didn't realize it until tonight haha) and now I'm here... writing this blog, to document my life.

So for now this is good bye and I shall write again soon.

Lots of Love :]