Monday, March 8, 2010

I keep thinking..

I keep thinking that I can just get out of bed and walk on two legs...

well, that's not the case and it seems as if I may have to deal with this for a while longer. I'm the only one in my house trying to stay positive about my injury, but everytime I go to talk about it my dad and step mother shoot me down trying to tell me there is no way that i've healed this fast and I still won't be able to drive for some time.
I need to be able to drive again. I'm going to go crazy.

It's bad enough that breaking my leg has caused me to lose friends... or people who I had previously considered to be friends. Now it seems as though I was only one more person in the group to hang out with when it was convenient for everyone.

I'm not trying to be bitter. But a little positivity can go a long way when you've been injured for over a month.
I need someone to vent to... if you have my aim/skype/msn message me por favor.