Thursday, July 30, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends <3

Today I had the day off, so I woke up showered and got OUT OF THE HOUSE, I really need to do it more - so much happens online that it takes me away from my real life and the more important things
There was a bit of a fight last night but I'm over it for the most part, and I'm pretty sure there's been an understanding about it and hopefully everyone now understands the feelings surrounding the situation we were presented with.
So, I got in my car and drove to my friend Stacie's house to pick her and her daughter up so we could start the day, as we're leaving I noticed my check engine light was on (my car is 3 months old so this kinda pissed me off). I stopped into a parking lot and attempted to pop the hood, not doing this before I had no idea how! I had to whip out the book that came with the car and find the section on opening the hood lol I also had no idea what to look for once it was open, so I shut it and called my step-brother, the car salesman. Drove to see him, apparently all it was is that my gas cap was not screwed on all the way or something.
Next we went shopping, I bought shorts for Florida, as well as a bunch of travel stuff so that I have what I need :)
Went out to eat, the waiter was HOT and his name was Seamus... kinda turned me off a little bit, not gonna lie lol

BUT that is pretty much my entire day, the most exciting thing that happened was that I don't know how to open the hood on my car, but I do now so 1 point Amanda, 0 points Clinton (Clinton is the name of my car)

Have a great night
Lots of Love :]