Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I've made a decision...

I'm going to attempt to start blogging everyday.

I have very little other ways to remember stupid little things that happen or what people happen to say. So we shall start with today.

Today I woke up and my legs were in soo much pain, but apparently less than last night because it didn't hurt me to walk up and down stairs (I have a sunburn on my legs, around the knee area.) Sometimes living in the basement is a bit of a pain, the only way to get anywhere is to use the stairs - and if anything were to happen I'd be stranded! But, that's life :)
I worked from 4-10 on self-checkout... so I basically stood and made sure nobody stole, and they didn't, very uneventful haha but after my break around 7:30 I got to help my friend/supervisor Ashley rearrange the gift cards on the racks they were on... because apparently there is supposed to be an order to them, and I don't think we sell many anyway because there was a TON of dust.
Not that you guys care or anything... I'm just throwing that out there :-P

BUT other than that nothing too exciting happened today, after work I talked to my mom on the phone, I watched Bobby on BlogTV (I kinda missed him and didn't realize it until tonight haha) and now I'm here... writing this blog, to document my life.

So for now this is good bye and I shall write again soon.

Lots of Love :]


Anonymous said...

YAY for blogging again! I like the layout!